Our beers and their stories...

Lot 47 Hefeweizen (100% NY)


4.8% ABV - 13 IBU

An easy drinking wheat ale with hints of clove and lemon. Brewed with 100% NY grown ingredients including Pilsner Malt, Red Winter Wheat and Fuggle Hops.

Named for one of Pompey's first German settlers and noted businessman, the only one to claim his revolutionary war bounty (LOT 47).  

Way 48 (100% NY)


4.8% ABV - 13 IBU 

Our Lot 47 Hefeweizen with locally grown rhubarb and strawberries added during conditioning.

For over 100 years the Way family has called Pompey LOT 48 their home. This Strawberry-Rhubarb version of LOT 47 Hefeweizen pays honor to Grandma Way's rhubarb patch that still stands tall along Sweet Road. This amazing woman still gathered water from her hand pump well until she passed in 2000 at 96 years old.

Dutch Hill Maple Amber


5.8% ABV - 35 IBU

English-Style Pale Ale brewed with NY grown 2-Row malted barley. Hopped with NY grown Willamette hops. Fermented with maple syrup from Dutch Hill Maple in Tully, NY for a subtle but pleasant maple flavor.

Dutch Hill Maple has won NY State Grand Champion Maple Syrup the past two years. We are honored to collaborate with owners Nate & Cristy Williams.

Frazee Milk Stout


5.3% ABV - 27 IBU

Creamy, rich and roasty stout brewed with roasted barley, chocolate malt, oats and milk sugar (lactose). Hopped with NY grown Willamette hops.

Appropriately named for our Brewer John Frazee's 4th generation family dairy farm in Fabius NY. His father, John, Uncle Pat and cousins continue the family heritage.

Route 20 EAST - IPA


7.7% ABV - 57 IBU

An approachable IPA that is full of citrus juice flavor and aroma while being less bitter than a traditional IPA. Loaded with NY grown Centennial hops. Along with El Dorado, Citra and Mosaic hops from the Pacific NW.

US Rt. 20 divides Pompey across it's highest ridges. The longest roadway in the United States is full of history and a snap shot of times gone by. Route 20 goes coast to coast from Boston Massachusettes to Portland Oregon. This New England style version of our IPA is named after the Eastbound lanes, twisting and turning rising and falling, across the rural countryside of New York all the way to the Atlantic Ocean in New England. 

Pompey Born Lager (100% NY)


5.5% ABV - 12 IBU

A true American Lager brewed with NY grown 6-row and 2-row barley and flaked corn. Hopped with locally sourced pre-prohibition era wild hops. Fermented with German lager yeast and lagered at cold temperatures with time and patience. A clean and extremely easy drinking lager with a subtle sweet corn finish.

All our beers pay honor to our area and its rich history, none more so than Pompey Born Lager. Simple, easy drinking and full of homegrown goodness. This 100% New York State beer is brewed with local ingredients and is sure to bring everyone together like a Friday night  tailgater in Shackham Forest.

Onondaga Trail Pale (100% NY)


 5.8% ABV - 35 IBU

A dry hopped American Pale Ale brewed with 100% NY grown Synergy Malt and hopped with NY grown Rakau and Cashmere hops. The Cashmere and Rakau dry hops lend a tropical fruit character with hints of pineapple and coconut. Try to drink just one of these beers.

The rich agricultural heritage of our area was known and discovered long before our European ancestors arrived. The Onondaga Nation of the Iroquois has history all around us including the Onondaga Trail which runs through Labrador Pond and unique area, where our father, Nick Palladino, was born and his father, Nunzio, got his start in America as a logger. The bounty they and we found here is the basis of this 100% Central New York Beer, brewed with all local grains and hops.  

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Route 20 WEST - West Coast Style IPA

The BOSS - Imperial Stout