Our Style

A different experience...


 Enjoy a table at the farm. We cook everything from scratch including our own desserts and using beef from our own farm. Enjoy simple pub style menu items cooked  fresh and prepared from scratch. We slow smoke meats here on our large reverse flow smokers using hickory and cherry wood from our own Woods. 


Download Our Brewhouse Menu

Please note we do not take over the phone to go orders.

Daily Availability


Pub & BBQ menu 4:30pm to 9pm


Pub & BBQ menu 4:30pm to 9pm


Pub & BBQ menu 11:30am to 10pm


Pub & BBQ Menu 11:30am to 10pm



Sunday Brunch Buffet 10am-2pm

Pub & BBQ menu 2pm-630pm

Special Dietary Needs

 As we are a beef farm our menu focuses mostly on what we raise on our own farm, however we do try to have a dish for all. Because we do not use frozen or processed foods we do not have the large selections other commercial restaurants have, however, if you have a specific allergy the chef will be willing to work to meet your needs