Lunch 11:30am - 4pm Dinner 5pm to 1hr before close Sunday Brunch 10am-2pm BBQ Fri Sat & Sun

Our Style

A different experience...


At Heritage Hill our cooking philosophy is to use as many local ingredients as possible, cooking everything you eat from scratch. We do not use large commercial suppliers but rather small local producers. The cost of these products and our labor required to prepare them into your meal are higher but we believe in this sustainable model as we feel it benefits our community and provides you healthier, safer foods. This style also takes much more time to prepare and serve particularly during busy times. Thank you for your patience and we hope you can enjoy our delicious beers brewed with our own grains raised here or other NY grown and produced beverages we offer.


Daily Availability


Pub menu available ALL Day starting at 11:30pm.  

TRIVIA starting at 7pm


Pub menu 11:30am to 8pm


Pub menu 11:30am to 4pm

Outdoor BBQ 12-8

Pub Menu & Dinner Specials 5pm to 9pm (last seating)


Pub Menu 11:30am to 4pm

Outdoor BBQ 12-8


Pub Menu & Dinner Special Menu 5pm to 9pm (last seating)


Brunch 10am to 2:00pm (last seating)

Outdoor BBQ 12-6


Sunday Brunch & Sunday BBQ

Sunday Brunch - 10:00am to 2pm


Join us for a quiet Sunday morning brunch with amazing views a warm setting and rotating weekly specials made from fresh local ingredients.  We typically always have fresh cakes & links, Heartstone french toast, fritatta, and specials like smoked trout eggs benedict, chorizo & egg tacos, beef rib hash.  Menu will change weekly although our Burger will always be available.

Sunday Smoke BBQ & LIVE MUSIC - 3pm to 6pm


Enjoy casually served smoked meats raised on our farm and other nearby farms together with homemade salads and mac n cheese.  A perfect paring with the LIVE acoustic music!

Special Dietary Needs & Children's Menu

We do not publish these items but our chef is always willing to work in requests based on dietary restrictions.  Children are ALWAYS WELCOME here and we almost always have a mac n cheese, local hot dog, grilled cheese and other yummy locally made items that they will love and you will feel good feeding them.  No pre-packaged chicken fingers here...