Palladino Farms and our partner farms


Our Own Crop & Beef Farm - Palladino Farms

Welcome to Palladino Farms.  We are a 3rd generation crop & beef farm and your host.  Nick and Dan Palladino are proud to share our family's rich heritage at this site with you and continue our family's tradition of raising grains and beef which we are excited to turn into brews and foods for you!


Our Partner Farms

Staying true to using locally grown food is impossible to do on your own.  Thankfully we have some amazing partner farms who share our values including:

Daniel Klien Farms - Beef & Chicken

Jamie Miller - Pork

Rich Root - Pork

Elly's Acres - Lamb

John Casey - Fruits, Vegetables & Eggs

2 Kids Goat Farm - Cheese

Muranda Cheese